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“Gliding” ~ Chatting up a storm with every ghost I’ve ever known. Old songs are like ghosts to me. Wisps of the past. I’m beginning to discover that many ghosts reside here in CandyLand. When I’m working on a new song they scream to get out. Old ideas. Old fragments and melodies. So I have to sit down and chat with them. No kids. Sorry. Something new. “Gliding” was the original working title for the album before “Kizza Me Now” was written and took top honors. I’ve always loved the bounce of this one. This song was a lot closer to completion than most of the twenty-five tracks we originally posted for your consideration. A stripped-down version had already been released as a single. You can find it on our “When In Rome” singles compilation. Maybe the advanced stage of production helped it secure a spot on the album. That’s another one of life’s riddles. But it was a popular choice. It’s very early in the morning as I write this. I’m in the quarantine section. And thinking back to 2017. Late May of 2017. Veering off the highway. There’s not even a signpost. Tarot’s Fool card. I guess I’ll know where I’m going when I get there. I’m just thinking about my output since I’ve settled in my new home. My new city. My new province. In May of 2018, I released my fourth full-length release “Satyr’s Day Parade” aka the “Parade” album. At least an eight-year span between that and the previous “Beth” release. My god, the smoke hasn't cleared and here I am writing song notes for the fifth release. And it’s almost the end of May. What is it with May? Kizza Me Now was also released in May. Hmm. A song comes to mind. Blue Oyster Cult. Their live album. On Your Feet Or On Your Knees. The song? “Last Days Of May”. It came on the player just outside of Kamloops. I think of it now. It’s been in my head lately. Like an anniversary song. That’s scary. I shrug it off once again. “Gliding” leaves me with an unsettled feeling. And it won’t go away. Who is right? Who is wrong? Hard to tell. The black and the white are starting to grey. And that’s the feeling that goes with this song. Evaluation. Re-evaluation. This is where we may have to teeter instead of totter.I’m a little insular here at CandyLand, but far from comfortably numb. No matter where you are, certain feelings transcend walls. Anxiety. Trepidation. But I'm hoping we'll be gliding. There's a lot at stake for all of us. Examine the righteous .. see if they glide nicely. Our next moves are crucial. Years ago I wrote a beer-guzzling, rousing dance-hall song called “I Gotta Keep An Eye On The World”. Seems like a plan. I was made for this. Hugs across the night sky - let’s be gliding. Summer chimes .. xoRJ


Yay yeah - I'm gliding ..

The universe is a big one .. I'm feeling right at home
Chatting up a storm with every ghost I've ever known ..
They drag those chains behind me
But they can't slow me down
'Cause I am gliding .. yay yeah .. yes I'm gliding ..
(Look at us)

Yay yeah .. I'm gliding ..

Welcome to the big one - you're in it on your own
No sugar coating here .. you'll have to stand alone
I know you can make it through - oh you were made for this
You'll soon be gliding ..
Yay yeah - yeah you're gliding

Never wanted to learn to hurt
Sent the sadness away
Lantern, lantern .. burn me bright
Like a comet 'cross the night sky

Ooh - you're gliding ..
Ooh - oh yeah you're gliding ..
You're gliding - you - are - gliding ..

Welcome to the righteous age - don't walk through that door
We have to find ourselves before they chain us to the floor
Once we hit the open road .. no need to speed at all
'Cause we'll be gliding -
Yay yeah .. oh yeah we're gliding

Never wanted to learn to hurt
Sent the sadness away
Lantern, lantern burn me bright
Like a comet 'cross the night sky

Look at us - (looking good) - Oh we're gliding
Look at us .. we are gliding

We're gliding - we - are - gliding
Oh we're gliding - yes we're gliding
Oh we're .. gliding ..

Yay yeah


from Kizza Me Now, released May 20, 2019
RJ: Lead & Backing Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Jett Black: Acoustic Guitar
Astrid Ash: Bass Guitar
Rhett Black: Drums & Percussion
Beaverdell Humes: Keyboards & Horn Arrangements
Backing Vocals courtesy of CandyLand Glee (RJ, Astrid & Beaverdell)
Jett Black, Rhett Black & Beaverdell Humes appear courtesy of Meet The Blacks and House Of Horace Records.
Special thanks to Jett for sitting in ...

Lyrics & Music (c) 2018 Robert James
Angry Lion Publishing SOCAN/ASCAP
A division of Horace Media 2019
Recorded and mixed @CandyLand Studios, Canada


all rights reserved



Robert James Wetaskiwin, Alberta

In just over a month, RJ will release his sixth full-length album. A demo mock-up of "Friday Night" is ready for discovery. We'll pull it all down in a week or so. On May 22nd, come and say hello to "Friday Night". A full moon, no less ... Enjoy! xoRJ

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