Until Now (Remastered)

by Robert James

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This retrospective is Robert's second CD release. Spanning a ten year period from 1984 - 1994, it offers a comprehensive look at his toy box and some of the building blocks kept there. His "Chilton" song is a fine, fine tribute to a now fallen hero ....


released January 1, 2006


all rights reserved



Robert James Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Robert is currently living in Wetaskiwin, Canada and has just released his 4th CD, "Satyr's Day Parade". No rest for the wicked. Turn (Works In Progress) is where you'll find him hard at work. Mixes will change. Eventually ten songs will be chosen for the next full length release. Title still undetermined. ... more

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Track Name: Is It Love
She worked late at the office
So she had a hard day
At night she would moonlight, havin’ no fun
Just tucking her money away

She’d dream of excitement
After paying the rent
So she’d go to the bank and she’d take out some money
But somehow it never got spent

Is it love that holds it together
Is it love that softens her heart
Is it love…..I gotta know
When you turn out the lights and whisper goodnight
Is it love?

Her future is changing
Her skies are not sordid and grey
At night she still moonlights, she’s havin’ no fun
But she’s tucking her money away
I feel kinda’ special…
When she brings me my coffee for free
‘Cause I work at the bank and she works at the restaurant
At midnight she’s waiting for me

Is It love?
Track Name: Girl's In Trouble
She’s much too vulnerable to be anybody’s girl
I know what it looks like
But she’s not my girl
She don’t need a heartache
It’d break her in two
She just needs a good friend to help her out with guys like you
Any bad situation only makes her afraid
Swears she’s been hurt by every contact she’s made

Oh, I break her fall but I only get a call
When the girl’s in trouble, ah, she’s in trouble
The girl’s in trouble, ah, she’s in trouble

Sometimes it’s comical to see her overreact
I know what it looks like
But you don’t have all the facts
She don’t need a heartache
It’d break her in two
She just needs a good friend to help her out with guys like you
Track Name: Serious Strains
I walk her beat from dusk to dawn
Coca-cola flashing sign
Enjoy your beverage here
Enjoy your beverage here

As my head succumbs to the pounding Euro beat
Coca-cola flashing sign
I used to meet her here
I used to meet her here

And I can’t take no more
As I’m rolling on the floor

You could say I’m under serious strains of pressure
You could say I’m unstable and obscure
You couldn’t lose, standing in my shoes
It takes a serious strain to make the world go round.

At night I find I lose my sense of time
Check my Seiko wristwatch
Just to find I’m running late
Just to find I’m running bait, yeah

I shake my head, signals turning red
Coca-cola flashing sign
Enjoy your beverage here
Enjoy your beverage here

Get Serious
Track Name: Somebody Else's Dream
I live with an insomniac somewhere inside my head
At midnight when the lights go out
He just won’t go to bed

Is it mental or physical
Emotional or something more
These dreams they are not tame, not tame at all

I’ve got no life of my own; he bends and shapes my day
Big black circles under my eyes
It seems they’re here to stay

I can’t live like that
Somebody else’s dream
I can’t sleep at night
Somebody else’s dream
Track Name: Last Train
Something urgent ‘bout what you said
I need to see you tonight
I’ve got a feeling this all could end
If I make excuses or tell you I’m tired

It’s been months since I’ve seen you
Last night I really missed your touch
It bothers me when I dream about you
I guess that’s why I drink so much

Call me if you want to
I’m resigned to the past
I lost what was left of my heart
And the rest of me is fading fast

Am I on the last train tonight
Other fools may want you but I’m the one waiting in line
Am I on the last train tonight
What do I tell the man at the wicket
Do I need to buy me a ticket, yeah……….aah, yeah

The pace here is frightening
And my baggage isn’t moving at all
I’m a wreck and I’m still not next
Stranded, watching time do the crawl

One more look at the lines on my hands
Those twisted little rivers of fate
There’s no doubt you won’t be hanging about
If I’m just a fraction of a second too late.
Track Name: Sweat
I wrote a ballad, it’s gonna make you cry
I won’t play it tonight, much to your delight
And while I’m at it, I’m gonna break some rules
I’m blowing this coop, won’t be back tonight, yeah

Baby, you’ll get what you need
You’re knocking so hard on the door
Maybe you’ll get what you need
I just need more

‘Cause I want to see you sweat
Honey, I want to see you sweat
Sugar, I, I got to see you sweat…see you sweat

You’re like an addict the way you chase me down
All over this town, baby, burning up both sides
You need the action the way I need your groove
Honey, playing with you is like drinking liquid fire, yeah, yeah, yeah

I’m running rampant, hey; I can feel your heat
Said Angel, you’re sweet but don’t give me no jive
You’re not a dealer, you’re just a card in play
Start walking this way, baby, keep your mouth shut tight, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, get down and mean it ...
Track Name: The Rover
I’ll search high, I’ll search low
I’ll sail the seven seas to find you
I’ll go from New York city to ‘Frisco Bay
Won’t rest until I’m there beside you.

Ooh, I gotta have you
Right here by my side
Ooh, I gotta have you
And there’s no place you can hide

I’ll take a fast train, an ocean liner
I’ll climb any mountain to find you
I’ll travel the Americas to Asia Minor
Won’t rest ‘til I’m there beside you.

‘Cause I’m the rover
The guy with the telescopic eye
Yeah, I’m the rover
Gonna getcha, gonna make you mine
Track Name: I Ain't Looking For Love
I think I’m in trouble, I’m a bad, bad boy
Last night I broke a heart, tossed it in the street
Must have been my own fault, mistook danger for mystique
Now here I am sweating bullets when I should be counting sheep.

I ain’t looking for love
Or a shelter from the cold
I ain’t looking for love
Or a hand that won’t let go
Maybe I’ll take you for granted and maybe pride is bitter stuff
I’m still looking for something sugar, but I ain’t looking for love

Must have been a cruel moon made me crazy last night
Should have kept my mouth shut, I was talking cheap
I can’t quite remember if she was myth or mystery
Now here I am like driftwood at the mercy of the sea.
Track Name: My Sister's Bringing Alex Chilton Home
Woke up this morning with my head down in my shoes
My sister called from Memphis with some real terrific news
Now I’m choking on my coffee
My mother’s just delirious, you know…
She’s coming back from way out west, yeah
And my sister’s bringing Alex Chilton home

My father asked point blank what Alex Chilton’s all about
I played a “Big Star” record, he nearly threw me out
He says it’s hell in small change
Alex shows up here, they’re gonna come to blows
But she’s latched onto a December boy
My sister’s bringing Alex Chilton home

Hey, Hey, Hey Alex Chilton’s on his way
Oh my soul, with a September gurl in tow

(It’s like a modern love story)

It’s only seven-thirty and our house is under siege
They’ve been lining up for hours, does this party ever leave
This time I’m cashing in, yeah
These souvenirs I’m holding ain’t for show
I’m renting thirteen rooms at my house
My sister’s bringing Alex Chilton home

Hey, Hey, Hey Alex Chilton’s on his way
Oh my soul, they’re at the station, don’t you know

A limo to the station, precious time is wasting
Just a small assassination, my sister’s bringing Alex Chilton home
Alex Chilton home, Alex Chilton home, sisters…bring it home

(That’s enough, baby)