Slouching Towards Bethlehem (Remastered)

by Robert James

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Robert's third release is a polished affair indeed. Heroine's soundscape is green and lush while Get Raw (Midnight Mix) takes you slinking through the underworld clubs of the city. Add a few up-tempo songs to the mix, dust it all up and you've got a headphone classic ...


released December 1, 2008


all rights reserved



Robert James Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Robert is currently living in Wetaskiwin, Canada and has just released his 4th CD, "Satyr's Day Parade". No rest for the wicked. Turn (Works In Progress) is where you'll find him hard at work. Mixes will change. Eventually ten songs will be chosen for the next full length release. Title still undetermined. ... more

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Track Name: Say Sorry
If he never would’ve dumped her, he’d never have to suffer
I told him that time and again
How could he have a problem with that hot little body
And the tight little dress it was in…yeah

The band played a slow one so she asked him to dance
He rolled his eyes and shrugged her off
She told a silly joke and I started laughing
He told us both to fuck off

I said say sorry
You’re a fool to treat the girl like that
I said say sorry
Cause believe me you can’t leave a girl like that
Say sorry…

She reached for him to calm her, she was headed for hysterics
He smiled and pushed her away,
Said don’t ever touch me, then he turned around and left her
She started cryin’ on me…yeah

I reached for a napkin from somewhere on the table
I did my best to dry her eyes
She sadly smiled, said it was building for awhile
But the sad thing is he just didn’t try

I said I’m sorry; he’s a fool to treat a girl like that
I said I’m sorry; he’s a fool to leave a girl like that
I said I’m sorry; it’s so cruel to treat a girl like that
I said I’m sorry but believe me; I won’t leave a girl like that
A girl like that…why don’t you just say sorry….

You’ve torn your dress; your face is a mess….
Track Name: Wide Open
What shall I do today… where shall I start
Spent all day yesterday nursing broken hearts
The sun is up, the sky is blue, the air is suckle sweet
With that little smirk of mine I wander down your street

With my eyes wide open
And my arms wide open
Is your night wide open
‘Cause I’m wide open, yeah

I’m feeling like I haven’t felt in years
There’s no dust up there, there’s no pain down here
The sun is up, the sky is blue, my calendar is bare
Tall drinks on the patio, I wander in the square
Track Name: Everything Under The Stars
Da, da da da da - everything under the stars are all right
Da, da da da da - shines with its own little light in the night
Da, da da da da - everything under the stars are all right
Da, da da da da - shines with its own little light in the night

Ah oom Ah oom

I didn’t mean to disappoint you, had to cancel I was ill
And the Doctor wasn’t coming when I swallowed all these pills
I took one to make me happy, two to keep things straight
Three to make my night complete, now there’s four left on my plate

And if that’s what it takes I’ll get through it
Every dog has his day…
Can I stand up straight and prove it to you

I didn’t mean to call the Coast Guard, in this weather I got lost
I can’t navigate these channels and my gin is almost gone
I took a drink to make me sorry, two to make me blind
Three to make me stumble, now there’s four that I can’t find


“I didn’t want to have to tell you, but somebody has to do it
Everything falls apart for a reason you should know that
But tonight it doesn’t matter ‘cause everything’s a little starry out there
Reminds you of a song you’ve heard before, but can’t remember where
You want to know the secrets of things you can’t control
The answer’s in yourself, so grab on or just let go
Track Name: Get Raw (Midnight Mix)
You’re so in fashion, outshine a brilliant diamond
My every dream revolves around your style
Oh so delicious, you’re tops upon my wish list
Something very vicious in your smile

Out on a mission, just a step outside your eight ball
I don’t suppose it’s rainbows all the time
I’ll climb the ladder, find the closet where you’re nesting
I’m best at bringing little flaws to light

I’ve got a camera, let’s have sex, I’ll take some pictures

So get raw, then we get off
C’mon baby, get raw, then we get off

I look around me, see the devastation
Men are entertaining with their eyes
Some apparition, the dangers I envision
In a heart that never listens to the mind

Enough with the fanfare, I only want to go where
Your warfare’s hot and sweaty every night
Hours would be dreamless, the tortures would be seamless
Black fades into grey then into white

Get raw, get off
Track Name: Heroine
Here I am…make your move
It isn’t hard for you to hold me tonight
You should know….you can’t lose
I’m the best thing you could have in your life

Shall I wait … in a room
‘Til your small voice beckons me on
Until that day gets closer, babe
It’s just one more night alone.

I only want to be a hero
In a world where we can win
I’ll be the author of your story
And you will be my heroine.

Ah, the moon … burns like a candle
Pools of wax all over the ground
Tonight the nightbirds scream your name
And you’re nowhere to be found

Shall I stay … in this tomb
With tapestries as dark as the stone
One more day in this empty place
And just one more night alone
Track Name: Mine, Mine, Mine
When you stare with the blues
I’m a little bit more than a bit confused
When I reach for a glass
I squeeze too hard and I cut my hand
So I fall to my knees
Pick up the pieces that are easy to see
Somehow, something still gets left behind…

If I think I might drown
I grab at straws when I’m going down
On the edge or the brink
I’m a lit cigarette in your kitchen sink
With the funk that I’m in
Put a hole in my heart with a safety pin
If there’s a heart with clothes out on the line…

It’s mine, mine, mine…mine, mine, mine
Mine, mine, mine…it’s mine, mine, mine

It’s only all mine…you know it’s all mine
It’s only all mine…mine, mine, mine

All the threats and abuse
I just shrug it off ‘til I’m ready to move
Find a soul, paint it black
Give your momma a heart attack
Call you up on the phone
And tell you all my sins until you’re deaf as stone
If just one voice sends shivers down your spine
Track Name: In My Van
Wanna take you out for a spin in my van
Pack a lunch…. we’ll go for a drive if you can
I’d like to drag you where the warm winds blow
I’ll write your name in the sand
I’ll take you out to see, now, in my van

Find a cassette while I drive you around in my van
Just root around and find something loud if you can
Let’s pack up our things and just run away
And hope that they’ll all understand
Is there some place you’d like to go with me in my van

We don’t need much money
We can find our way along
I’ve been waiting forever for you
Holding out so long ...

I drive you home or we just drive away in my van
It’s getting late; let’s make our escape while we can
I’ll drive to where the warm winds blow
You think of beaches and sand
Or do I drive away without you in my van

I drive you home or we just drive away in my van ...
Track Name: Nothing (Where's Jimmy Longneck)
Old playmates don’t keep in touch
New playthings, he don’t like them as much
But there’s Cindy, she’ll show him some fun
If he calls…so he called

So Jimmy Longneck jumped in his car
With a rap sheet as long as your arm
Grabbed Cindy, her cash and her stash
And was gone, he were gone

I know nothing
I saw nothing
I heard nothing – not a thing

She went missing for weeks on end
We all searched for Cindy, and then….
They found her in some woods by a stream
Dead as stone, overdose

Got a postcard three months ago
It holds a secret only I know
Cheap soft-shoe, he dog me around
Every day, still I say ...
Track Name: Still ... I Worry (Snack Song)
I see your wings are clipped again
Do you break every time you bend
Still … I worry Still … I worry

I used to love your late night crunch
You’ve lost the spark, now there’s no rush
Should I worry (still … I worry)

Oh baby, should I worry (still … I worry)

I got a picture of you on my shelf
Got a little heart left, keep it for myself
Should I worry (still … I worry)

I see you breathin’ up and down his back
Is last night’s lover tomorrow’s snack
Should I worry (still ... I worry)
Oh baby, should I worry (still … I worry)

I live without you, I sleep without you
Why should I worry?
Dream about you, don’t speak about you
Why should I worry?
Oh baby, should I worry (still … I worry)

I used to chuckle up your every rant and rave
But now I buckle up, ‘cause baby, I’m no slave
Should I worry (stil l… I worry)
Oh, baby, should I worry (still … I worry)
Track Name: You Gimme The Blues
Sat all night, a lost and lonely chile
Here in my room
A paper bag with the few things you have
Tells me we’re through
The why of leaving, it just doesn’t matter
You’re either tired or in love
If truth be told I’ll give you an hour
If push comes to shove …

But, yeah I know when you walk out that door
I’ll take you back like I always do

But you gimme the blues
Yes, you gimme the blues
Ah, you gimme the blues
The best is gone, yes it’s gone.

I’ve been a victim of some real bad luck
It’s followed me here
Though faith in kindness is not your strongest suit
One thing is clear …

An hour after you’re crossing that line
I’ll pull you back like I always do

An hour after you walk out that door
You’ll beg me back like you always do