Lizard On A Rock (Remastered)

by Robert James

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The debut release. Rockers galore, a breezy beach song, a downright haunting version of "Diary" and two previously released nuggets makes this offering a surprisingly refreshing first effort.


released July 1, 2000


all rights reserved



Robert James Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Robert is currently living in Wetaskiwin, Canada and has just released his 4th CD, "Satyr's Day Parade". No rest for the wicked. Turn (Works In Progress) is where you'll find him hard at work. Mixes will change. Eventually ten songs will be chosen for the next full length release. Title still undetermined. ... more

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Track Name: Lizard On A Rock
I barely move at all ... I’m a lizard on a rock
Stick to the surface when the sun gets nice and hot
Don’t think about much at all
Change my colours when it’s time to crawl
Yeah – I own this lizard on a rock

Heat doesn’t bother me ... I like to soak it up
In the lap of luxury in this desert that I love
I don’t need a special friend
I been alone since time began
I like this lizard on a rock

Rattlesnakes don’t bother me and I’m much too tough to eat
It’s harsh and unforgiving, baby ... in this desert heat
Oh – lizard on a rock ... Oh – lizard on a rock

I only catch my dinner when it wanders up too close
Then I jump right in there, yeah ... ’cause I love that flesh the most
I barely move and I never blink
Watch the sun just rise and sink
I am this lizard on a rock
Track Name: Save My Soul
Keep all my pictures and don't let 'em fade
Sometimes I feel it all slipping away
Save all my letters, don't send 'em all back to me

I save all my money, it's all I can do
I save all my nights but that's nothing new
I'm safe from myself but there's one thing you could save for me

Ooh, I need some salvation
Maybe you can save my soul
If I give you my heart, give me redemption
Maybe you can save my soul..... oh

Build me a watchfire, let it burn bright
So I can still find my way home in the night
When I'm out alone, there's no place that I'd rather be

Save me a mountain so I can belong
A road that leads to it so I can walk on
It hits here too soon but there's something you could save for me

Ooh, with a few calculations
Maybe you can save my soul
If I give you my light, give me reflection
Maybe you can save my soul......oh
Maybe you can save my sou
Track Name: Ride With Me
It’s a perfect night for a drive along the coastline
Ocean wind is warm and it really loves your hair
Tryin’ to find some happiness and concrete makes you crazy
Box yourself in and everything is just out there - -

Let’s walk the beach…….
I’ll show you what you mean to me
Let’s let the ocean lap our feet
Just out of reach, there’s a new plateau I’d like to see
Aw baby, say you’ll ride with me

Instill a perfect heartbeat, yeah – to everything around you
I hold the moon in high esteem, it lights you up just right
And there’s a midnight move or two I’d like to show you
Can’t make it last if we can’t shame the night

Don’cha wanna ride – say you wanna ride
Don’cha wanna ride……(ride with me)
Track Name: You Tear Me
A change a-comin' in the wind
Tons of sobs and a heart full of pins
Chances are - chances aren't good I'll get out

Knew that someday I would see
All of the reasons she had to be free
Still I sow the seeds in the shadow of a doubt

So I forgot to slam the door
It doesn't matter anymore
You know I never let them see - you tear me

A brand new chill is in the night
I cross my fingers 'til I feel alright
Chances are - chances aren't good I'll get by

Know that somewhere down the road
She'll forget all the reasons she had to let go
Shouting and counting and naming the stars in the sky
Track Name: Diary
Look through my diary, tell me what you see
I see the scandal in your diary
Do all the characters on each page apply to me
I just can't stand to see your diary

I don't want to read it ... anymore
I don't want to open the pages like before - in your diary

And all the winter's pass will you remember me
It's all in black and white in your diary
When summer comes and goes and leaves fall from the tree
Will I be remembered in your diary

I don't want to read it ... anymore
I don't want to open the pages like before - in your diary
Through all the changes that have been
Read each line and then read in between - in your diary

Through all the times we shared why where you scared of me
Scared of what I might find in your diary
If I built a nest for two, would you come live with me
I'll always love you in your diary
Track Name: Through My Eyes
Nice face has it ever been to China
Sent a postcard and wanted to remind you
The view behind the wall is great
Through my eyes ...

Thought of you when I saw the Eiffel tower
Clouds had menaced promising a shower
A new world every seven days
Through my eyes ...

Foreign country life is getting out of hand
In a language I don’t even understand
And every face looks so afraid
Through my eyes ...

Look around it’s anything to do you in
Big boys still take it on the chin
You build a life like working clay
Through my eyes ...

Nobody lies about being lonely
Scrap the notes baby you just call me
If the hour’s not too late ... here the hour’s never late
Track Name: Master Of The Zoo
Somewhere a lion's roaring in the distance
Nearby a monkey cries out in the night
The neighbors live in constant fear
There's nothing they can do ...
They sense and feel the master of the zoo.

The river's thick, she's runnin', lord, she's twistin'
She'll toss her toys like wild rivers do
Throw toxins in the ocean
No ripple of emotion ...
Small presents from the master of the zoo

Who wants to be the master of the zoo
Make mistakes, beat the earth black and blue
Be responsible for all the wildest nightmares that come true
Who wants to be the master of the zoo

The sun is hot ... so white it makes you blister
Yeah, mister it's just coming down on you
You're deadly when you deal
For the things you cannot steal ...
Small wonder for the master of the zoo.